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Brett Stuart

Brett Stuart

Author, Instructor & Remote Viewer
Brett Stuart is the founder of Technical Intuition and author of Remote Viewing: The Complete Guide.

With a background in Digital Art and Political Science, he began researching the field of remote viewing nearly a decade ago. After studying a variety of advanced perceptual techniques, in 2012 Brett was invited to train with a renowned member of the now declassified remote viewing military unit. Since then, he's instructed hundreds of students both in-person and online, launched a successful RV consulting practice, and regularly records free video content for his popular YouTube channel. He's also been featured on a number of popular US radio shows, and is an active participant in several online remote viewing communities.
Viewer Kilo

Viewer Kilo

Venture Capitalist, Investor & Remote Viewer
Viewer Kilo is venture capitalist by day and active crypto and forex currency trader by night. He's actively traded in the Futures and FOREX markets for over a decade, and has been advising clients on cryptocurrencies since 2012.

Viewer Kilo, professional remote viewer, was trained by multiple members of the elite military remote viewing unit in early 2004, and has been using his background in engineering and physics to research and expand upon what's possible with remote viewing in the financial markets. He regularly applies predictive remote viewing market forecasting techniques, such as in the previous two CNBC million dollar portfolio challenges. As a result of his remote viewing market signal trading techniques he finished each trading market competition in the top tenth percentile.

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