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Join Brett Stuart and Viewer Kilo as they discuss their 6 month cryptocurrency prediction for the performance of Tron TRX digital currency. TRON may change the face of blockchain. Listen to the show and discover if Tron TRX & BitTorrent BTT are the crypto & token tag-team duo of the future. Predictions presented along with historical information, remote viewing trading signals, technical analysis and trending market data. Also discussed is LiteCoin, LTC.

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Brett Stuart: Welcome to the Signal Interrupt Podcast where we discuss trends are across the 4X, futures and crypto markets while providing a unique vantage point using predictive remote viewing strategies to reveal the markets of tomorrow, today. I’ Brett Stewart, founder of Technical Intuition and author of Remote Viewing, the Complete Guide and with me is my co host, Viewer Kilo.

Viewer Kilo: Cantonese throw you off a little bit?

Brett Stuart: Kilo is a professional remote viewer and venture capitalist that successfully traded in the markets for over a decade. And in today’s show, we will be discussing the topic of Tron, the Tron blockchain, which appears to be a little bit of a dark horse kind of taking the crypto community by storm, wouldn’t you say, Kilo.

Viewer Kilo: Yeah, it really kind of, although Tron’s kind of been floating around a little bit, but, the new recent contender is bit torrent. So now both tron and bit torrent or now notching in the top 10 at Crypto Compare, so we took a little deeper look.

Brett Stuart: Right, and bit torrent is on the tron blockchain, which has a kind of unique way in the way they’re releasing those coins. So before we jump into our prediction as well as a, Kilo has a little bit of analysis on just for his perspective on that particular blockchain. It might be useful to just do a really quick summary of backstory of what’s going on, what is Tron and where it’s kind of positioned in the news right now. And so just as a really brief summary, tron is the brainchild of Justin Sun, who was the first millennial graduate from Alibaba’s, the executive chairman, Jack Ma’s, his Hupon university over in China. He actually developed a Snapchat esque app in China for the Chinese demographic and then went onto work for Ripple, the Ripple team as well. So in 2017 though, he started Tron and it now ranks, it’s actually the eighth largest blockchain in the world with a market cap of 1.75 billion US dollars today. So, but kind of the big thing in the news that’s happening is, was started about six months ago when tron acquired bit torrent and they paid $120 million dollars last year for it, which is, if you’re not familiar with a bit torrent, is it’s one of the most popular file sharing services in the world and they’ve made a bit torrent coin out of it.

Viewer Kilo: Yeah, I guess what’s most interesting about bit torrent and tron for that matter is, you know, where’s this actually coming from? You know, it’s one thing to arrive, but it’s another to figure out where it originated from. So, looking at some volume by exchange, tron is most heavily, I mean it has a fairly decent distribution, but most of the traffic is coming from binance right now. As far as source currencies, obviously bitcoin is large, but the US dollar tether and showing some diversity here, there’s a large portion that’s coming from Korean wan and Ethereum, those are distant third and fourth, so compared to a US dollar tether. As for bit torrent itself, over 99 percent of the volume is on binance right now. Again, looking at a volume by currency, there you see, it’s just, it’s very interesting because I’ve not seen the Korean wan pop up, for a source for any crypto in quite some time. But, it’s almost 33% of the market right now with US dollar tether being around 40% and another 25%t for bitcoin itself and the remainder being Ethereum and another minor players, so really kind of of interesting right now.

Brett Stuart: Even another interesting thing about tron itself is that, like a lot of initial coin offerings, originally it started on the Ethereum network. And it was only just about 180 days ago, a little bit more than that now actually, that it migrated off Ethereum to become a standalone blockchain. And one of the things that, why we’re talking about it today and why it’s popping up in the news, why it’s kind of a significant thing to look at is just how quickly it’s grown since then in a number of different areas.

Brett Stuart: So, for example, the kind of three key things where it’s really just blown past a lot of the competitors, tron with bit torrent on it, tron is a decentralized app platform. So it is a payment service but it also allows for smart contracts through different types of applications that can be programmed and coded and put on the back of the blockchain.

Brett Stuart: And it is now one of the leading decentralized app platforms. With over 150 decentralized apps of the top 10 decentralized apps, six of those now are on Tron’s blockchain. The other for being on EOS, none of which, like, Ethereum isn’t even in the ballpark at the moment as far as leading apps. But I mean this in such a short amount of time, I mean, it was only since last November, there were only 20 decentralized apps on tron. Now there’s over 150. And not only that, but it’s also one of the leading dapps in the world. There’s Tron bet which is, and this is what Tron originally was positioned as, is like a way to do gambling, you know dice, cards, stuff like that on blockchain. But Tron Bet now is doing over a seven day volume at the end of last year was doing 5.3 billion Tron, which is valued at a $140,000,000 of transactions every seven days over Tron Bet over that application.

Brett Stuart: Now, I mean as just a comparison, Ethereum’s leading gambling app, FCK, only does about half a million dollars over a seven day period. So it’s just like exploded in popularity under these types of specific uses. And you know, there’s, I have a quote here from Ryan Sulcus who’s the chief executive at crypto data aggregator, and in an interview that he gave with Bloomberg, he wrote, a lot of people wrote off Tron as hype, marketing and no substance. But they made a lot of noise with the bit torrent acquisition and now they think it’s an open question of whether it will be one of the crypto’s most high profile fake it till you make it success stories. So now we’re in a very interesting place here, February 10th, where they’re just about to start what they’re referring to as airdrops of bit torrent coins to everyone who actually holds Tron.

Viewer Kilo: Yeah, based on the block., it could be happening anytime as we’re recording this or it may have already happened. That being said on the air drops, what’s really interesting is, we looked at this as a team and every single one of us clearly had very positive data for the trend coming up. And I’ll tell you, even like five days ago, I really wasn’t interested in doing this and this was like on a you know, maybe a bucket list for the second half of the year. And then I don’t know, just things started accelerating and so some other things that we were gonna talk about decided to be pushed to the back burner because they just weren’t interesting. And then this just kind of was on fire and it’s very clear across the entire team, this is going to increase in value. We have no idea how much, but of everything that we have looked at so far, this has the the sharpest slope of anything that we’ve seen.

Viewer Kilo: Granted, again, we don’t know magnitudes at this point, that’s a future work, but, boy, if this one blows up in the other direction I will just be flummoxed. So, taking a look at the charts, there’s not a whole lot of history here and this is what makes it really hard to see like where it’s actually going is, it’s kind of like a, a bitcoin chart from eight years ago, seven years ago, but I remember seeing this. Like right now it’s a two cents per dollar. And there’s a clear upward trajectory. It hasn’t reached its all time high, but it’s just so new, I don’t think you can really apply a whole lot of standard technical analysis to it.

Viewer Kilo: Now I will again throw in the caveat because of the air drop and past history of other coins that have done air drops as well, you could see some short term selling after the airdrop on both Tron and bit torrent, but I just don’t see that lasting very long, and over the next six months, I think this is going to become a player and move further up the up the charts. I think already, it’s about in the top five for market cap. So that’s pretty significant, just out of nowhere. So, certainly something to keep an eye on.

Viewer Kilo: Actually, I wouldn’t keep an eye on, I’d probably do something about it at this point, especially maybe see how things shake out after the air drop for a few days, maybe a week and see if there’s some acceleration there and if so, time to have probably jump on board.

Brett Stuart: Yeah, and one of the things they’re doing as far as the airdrop compared to some of the other ones in the past is they’re doing an airdrop every month for the next six years for bit torrent. So if you have Tron in your wallet, based upon essentially the amount that you have and they’re going to give you an approximate amount of bit torrent coins in relationship to that. And then every year, that’s going to be increasing, so they’re increasing the supply, the airdrop size essentially of bit torrent. And perhaps what’s kind of, I don’t know if it’s funny, but the founder of Tron versus the founder of Vitalik, who started Ethereum, they’re not exactly at, I would say, I mean they have all opposing blockchains that do very similar things. However, kind of what Tron is kind of set itself apart is much faster processing speed compared to Ethereum at the moment, also bitcoin is way faster, but it’s doing it with a different coding software, which is proof of stake instead of proof of work, a specific kind of proof of stake.

Brett Stuart: Now in the news, just like a couple days ago, that was kind of a quip from Vitalik, he was asked a question in a q and a, what he thought about a blockchains like Tron and Vitalik basically referenced that he thought that they’re piles of centralized garbage. And he explained the reason for that was because he felt that the higher transaction speed only was occurring because they’re sacrificing security and they’re also sacrificing the decentralization aspect of it. There’s like seven main nodes essentially in the world for Tron whereas Ethereum is not, it’s not based around seven hubs, it’s much, much more decentralized.

Brett Stuart: So, obviously there’s some quips you’ll see on twitter feeds and then going back and forth between between Justin Sun and Vitalik of Ethereum. So like the longterm, you know, whether this becomes like a longterm player beyond 180 days, that’s kind of what we decided to take a look at. Is Tron itself going to continue in an upward trajectory or is it going to be more flat towards, you know, just a quick blip? And everyone on the team came back pretty positively that this seems to, at least within the next half a year, look upward. So I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

Viewer Kilo: Well, another interesting thing about this is bit torrent, up until last week, really meant something else completely to me as far as a peer to peer downloadable content.

Brett Stuart: Pirating videos?

Viewer Kilo: Yeah, exactly, and now it’s, yes, for a lack of a better word and now it’s almost like it’s making some sort of adult transition into, I guess a potential currency or method of barter. I think we’ve seen something like this before in the past. What was the, oh God, it was like a live RPG game similar to Sims. Was it Halflife? No, not Halflife. Halfday?

Brett Stuart: Are you talking about the oh, I know what you’re talking about. It’s Second life is what you’re talking about, I think.

Viewer Kilo: Yes, yes, exactly, Second life. There was certainly currency within the game and that currency was traded outside the game. I mean, and you’ve seen this in other games where there’s rewards or prizes and people would trade them in the game for currency of some sort within the game, right? People go on quests, get some relic that was highly valuable and then auction it off to the highest bidder. And you know, something like that could easily happen with this. This could take over. You know, even if, let’s see consumer spending on us game market in 2017 is $36,000,000,000. That’s just the US market, and if they can get a good fraction of that, I mean, I don’t know about Eclipse and Bitcoin, but certainly be in the top three.

Brett Stuart: Right?, well, I guess it depends on whether it’s adopted longterm is really the key and whether or not they can solve the longterm issues. Yes, they have faster speed, but can they solve the longterm security issue? Are people going to adopt something that’s not as decentralized? I mean there’s obviously other things that may prevent it from being a success moving forward. I mean apparently it runs on the back of Java apparently for the actual dapps and there’ve been a lot of articles on how buggy it is to actually code software for it. So can it overcome this, too, so there definitely has hurdles, but in the short term, and this is the kind of thing there’s certainly going to be, there’s hype right now. The fact that it’s even in the top 10 both bit torrent and Tron, and they just jumped in there almost like a dark horse. But can it sustain it past, say six months where our current forecast looks? I don’t know. We’ll have to kind of see.

Viewer Kilo: Yeah. So I think this is maybe one of the potential differences is most of the other coins are mainly thought of as stores of value and exchanges. Whereas bit torrent isn’t really that. I mean, it’s just kind of like a throwback to tokens in arcades where it’s just a lot of very small transactions that happen based on content. I mean it’s kind of like buying a song on iTunes for ninety nine cents, right? It’s going to be a lot of those things and those add up to be very valuable things in the longer term.

Brett Stuart: Well, all right, that wraps up our prediction for Tron and why we kind of wanted to take a look at that and we put this, our other topics, a little bit on the back burner just because this was something that was fresh. It’s doing the airdrop and may be happening right now, but it’s something to pay attention to and RV signals are looking positive. So we may take a deeper dive into this as far as volume and the actual price movement is concerned later on, but we wanted to get something out as far as the trajectory that we saw it moving forward from today over the next half year. So to kind of wrap this up, I suppose, just rapid fire here, what else are you looking at?

Viewer Kilo: A quick hit, one of my old standbys, a light coin on shore one. Very interesting action this week, a huge jump, 30 percent a few days ago now. And what was most interesting to this because of course, you know, a lot of the current Caesar, the cryptos are very correlated. But what was interesting here as well, everything else went up like 12, 15 percent. Light coin was up 30 percent and it really seemed to be the driver and I have never seen light coin lead the market and push everything else up. It’s usually, you know, victimized by whatever’s happening in bitcoin or Ethereum or ripple or whatever else. But this was certainly a difference maker. Over the past couple of months, it’s just about doubled in price from the lows. So, something odds going on. I don’t know what it is, but, I may have to dig deeper into that in the future.

Brett Stuart: That wraps up this show of the Signal Interrupt. And if you want to stay up to date on new episodes, definitely go to our website, Sign up for our newsletter because we send out special news alert based upon what’s happening in the markets. So to stay up to date to get those from us, go over there, sign up right now for that and we will see you on the next episode of the show. Take care everybody.

Viewer Kilo: Ciao, ciao.

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